Pitta Pacifying Regimens

Pitta Pacifying Regimens


Pitta is balanced by foods that have a sweet, bitter and astringent rasa (taste). Take foods in moderate amounts, 3 meals per day, at the same time each day, and foods that are room temperature or warm, never hot. This is a great time for salads.


Drink plenty of room temperature water. It may seem logical to take in ice water during this time, however when drinks are taken too cold this constricts the blood vessels and prevents built up heat inside from being released. Therefore the heat is pushed deeper within and causes stress to the body. This is the same when you’ve walked from the heat of the outdoors into an air-conditioned room. The sudden change disturbs the normal functions of the body. Its best to cool the body down gradually.


Eat plenty of fresh, local and organic fruits and vegetables! This is the season of fruits, they have a sweet rasa, cooling virya and reduce pitta! Enjoy them in abundance this season and remember to eat them  ripened and sweet – sour fruits increase pitta. Always, eat fruits away from other foods as this can weaken your agni (digestive fire).


Avoid caffeine, alcohol and fried foods. These aggravate pitta and cause tamasic qualities (turbulence) in our mind and body.


Herbs like fennel, coriander and cumin are cooling and help to keep a strong agni without aggravating pitta.



Yoga should be practiced daily during the cooler times of day, dusk or dawn. Postures should be practices slowly, with a calm, relaxed and fun attitude letting go of the competitive tendency. You should not overheat yourself while practicing, this will help to keep you less intense and more relaxed. Postures that are beneficial are those that open the heart and reduce heat: pigeon, camel, cobra, bow, fish and bridge. Opening the hips is beneficial with postures like tree, warrior and half moon.




Getting adequate sleep is important during the Summer to prevent a person with a pitta nature from burning out. The days are longer and we tend to over-schedule ourselves, we spend more time outdoors, and we tend to get over-heated. To prevent pitta from crashing, set your bed-time routine for 10:00pm and plan to awaken 1/2 hour prior to sun rise. Taking a 20-30 minute nap in the afternoon can be beneficial.



Rose Water, Rose Water, Rose Water! Have you ever noticed that the amount of road rage is higher during the Summer months than any other time of year? Ayurvedically speaking, that makes sense, right? We’re hotter, our tempers are shorter, we’ve got places to be! I notice it every year and I can honestly sit back and let that person cut me off without reacting. One of the best remedies to keep pitta calm is cooling, sweet, floral fragrances like rose, jasmine and honeysuckle. I like to keep a bottle of rose water in my purse. If you begin to feel overheated just spritz your face and body and wah-la, you instantly feel cool and calm!



A hug a day keeps pitta away! When pitta burns out more nurturing is needed to restore energy. A hug and a massage can help provide that nourishment.





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