Hibiscus Sun Kissed Cooler Tea + Popsicle Infuser

Hibiscus is so refreshing and infused into a tea or a popsicle; it has become one of my all-time favorite herbal summer recipes to counter pittas’ natural expression. If you’re feeling challenged by the excess heat or experiencing inflammation or irritability, I highly recommend using this easy herbal infusion with all its full and vibrant colors to keep you cool and calm, all summer long! The fruity flavor of the tropical flowering plant has an astringent and sweet rasa, taste, making it perfect for those with a pitta and kapha dosha. Those with a vata dosha should be mindful of using hibiscus in excess.

Hibiscus is beneficial for reducing the excess heat and fires affecting the pitta dosha. It clears and purifies the rakta dhatu, blood tissue, supporting healthy, clear, radiant skin. Hibiscus supports the function of the liver and heart and improves circulation. It helps to maintain a healthy weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

This month the SimpleVeda team got together in Christina’s backyard to enjoy each other’s company and take an afternoon breather.  We enjoyed hibiscus popsicles and sun-kissed tea.  It made for a perfect August afternoon.

Hibiscus Sun Kissed Cooler Tea + Popsicle Infuser


1-gallon glass jar

popsicle molds

wooden popsicle sticks

1/2 C of dried hibiscus flowers

1 large handful of fresh mint leaves, washed and slapped over your forearm (this wakes up your mint!)

1 TBSP sucanat organic sweetener


  1. place hibiscus and mint in your gallon glass jar and fill with fresh, purified water
  2. place a lid on your jar and place it carefully in the sun for 8-12 hours
  3. strain the herbs, reserving the liquid, and place your tea back into your jar
  4. add a tablespoon of sucanat, more or less for taste. the sweetener cuts the astringency
  5. add a squeeze of one lime (optional)

Enjoy as a tea pour into popsicle molds, freeze for 5-8 hours and enjoy as a refreshing treat! My kids LOVE these!

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