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I went on a weekend women's nourishing retreat hosted by Christina/SimpleVeda. It was very informative and Christina has a wealth of information when learning more about the Ayurvedic practice. She is very approachable and can serve people on any level of their journey to a more holistic way of living.


SimpleVeda is healing the world one person at a time.


Christina has a way of bringing clarity to the Ayurvedic lifestyle. She's been counseling me since February and has definitely improved my life. I can see her being a friend for life.


Fun, interesting, calming, full of knowledge, and joyous.


I just attended Christina's cooking class. It was fantastic! Seeing the recipes prepared makes me more confident I can do better at home.


It was an awesome experience and my family and I enjoyed it a lot! Christina is amazing and her knowledge is mind-blowing!! I definitely recommend it for anyone searching for a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Christina!


I attended the Ayurvedic Summer Living Cooking workshop this weekend and am so inspired and motivated by all the great direction Christina provided! All the dishes were extremely delicious and healthy, yet simple enough to put together quickly on a weeknight. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with Ayurveda and Christina's guidance!


Thank you for the wonderful experience on Sunday with your cooking class Christina, certainly inspired us - I love to cook and look forward to exploring your recipes with our family! the prior education on how and when we should eat was also so inspiring and certainly showed us 'we don't know what we don't know'! - we look forward to learning more - thank you!!


Christina is an amazing and very talented Ayurvedic Practitioner. Her office is an absolute jewel of tranquility and peace. She has a very soothing and calming energy with her, and her treatments are heavenly! Her recipes are absolutely delicious, and she makes it very simple to make healthful recipes. Thank you Christina!


I just wanted to share how terrific I'm feeling since starting to see Christina. Weights down some and strength up. As an almost 58-year-old former competitive athlete that still likes to lift weights, etc. I have found my strength increasing eating with the plan that she has given me. I recently did the Spring cleanse and LOVED it. Feeling great energy as well as a release of many toxins. I would suggest more men, in particular, discover SimpleVeda and let Christina guide the process.


SimpleVeda and my work with Christina has changed my life!! I am healthier and happier than I've ever been. Although I've known about Ayurveda for many years, read books, sporadically adopted some of the practices, not until I worked with Christina through Simple Veda have I been able to totally embrace this philosophy of mind, body, and spiritual health. Christina is a wonderful teacher and gifted practitioner of Ayurveda health. I am eternally grateful for her guidance, acceptance, and inspiration.


Christina cooked all of our meals for a yoga retreat and EVERYTHING was AWESOME! I've had a few Ayurvedic meals at workshops, but an entire weekend of Christina's freshly prepared dishes have me wanting to incorporate the principles into my life. Thank you, Christina, for feeding my body and my soul.


She cooks for my dosha!! Christina prepares AMAZING dishes that help me find balance and comfort. Her meals are always fresh, cooked with real & clean ingredients and most of all, they are made with the knowledge of Vedanta and the love in her heart! Great for a 're-set' after a long weekend of over-indulgence, or to have on hand as a healthy meal in the midst of a chaotic life. She has been my wellness partner for over 8 months for meals, herbs, oils, and clinical abhyanga treatments. She has helped me boost my mental and physical health to support my yoga practice, the hormone changes in adulthood and the havoc of changing seasons! She is a dear person and a talented Ayurvedic Specialist!


I love everything about Simpleveda and Christina. The moment that I step into her office I feel like I’ve entered a portal from the crazy digital frenzied world we live in into a spiritual healing paradise. I’ve known Christina for a long time and she is a true healer with the ability to heal body, mind, and spirit. She is completely nonjudgemental and I felt I could tell her anything. I always wanted to eat healthily and take good care of myself but did not know how to get started. Sometimes the mind has to heal before the body or vice versa and shes creative about how to go about it. Christina helped me understand my body’s type and eat according to it. She also taught me how to incorporate spirituality into my daily life with yoga, meditation. She has cooking workshops and they are truly inspiring. Above all, I LOVE her abhyanga oil and use it regularly. I highly recommend Christina and Simpleveda for anyone who wants to transform their life into one that’s calmer, more peaceful, and more connected to self.


Christina has changed my life, literally. She is amazing. I initially went to see her in order to learn how I could balance out my hormones naturally. I quickly learned that Ayurveda could benefit so many other areas of my life as well. I really had a bad relationship with food due to doing several food allergy tests and always jumping on some trend like the whole30. Thanks to Christina she has taught me what my Dosha is and how to eat according to my dosha and it has been helped me in so many ways ... not only do I feel better physically but also it had been so liberating to not have so many restrictions on what I thought I could and couldn’t eat. In the last 9 months, she has also helped me manifest so many of my goals into reality. I literally see her every week and she helps me in all areas of my life, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Her cooking services have also been extremely supportive for someone like me who is always on the go. Her recipes are simple and delicious. SimpleVeda really does make living an Ayurveda life simple 🙏


I was suffering from many issues that traditional doctors had not been able to help me with. With the help of Christina, I began a journey of transformation that has improved my health, lifestyle and all-around well being! Everything she does is tailored to the client's individual needs and concerns. I am very grateful for all the knowledge, care, and compassion that she demonstrates. She is awesome and I highly recommend her!!


I came across Christina on my quest for Ayurveda, more like a blessing in Dallas, ever since I moved here for good from India. She’s a very graceful Ayurvedic therapist, a healer, a dietician & a Yoga instructor and has a lot more to offer for our wellbeing. I have been very fortunate to be a regular visitor at her Simple Veda studio, right at the center of Dallas over the past few years. The Simple Veda renders a vintage classic appeal, filled with a lot of positive aura in the midst of the bustling city. Each visit has been very special for me, as she is very hospitable & dedicates her time to take good care of my health, and always makes me feel at home & insist upon maintaining a balanced diet. I truly admire her for all her invaluable knowledge of the ancient science of Ayurveda & Yoga and also helping me learn the tradition in its most authentic way. I could also see my health vitality & exuberance improve and perfectly on track since last year, with the support of the natural herbs & Satvik food habits recommended by her. I have also experienced several of her Holistic Healing, Yoga Nidra, and Abhyanga & Chakra Meditation alongside my Ayurvedic consultations & they’ve all been complementing each other really well. It’s very rewarding and rest assured, to feel quite positive in my heart that I am in her safe hands always. She has also inspired & encouraged me in many ways on my Spiritual pursuits & in turn contributed towards my overall development of body, mind, and soul. I will remain ever grateful to Christina for all valuable support & wish her all the very best on this wonderful service to mankind.

Vijay N.

I highly recommend everyone to go see Christina, she is so wonderful and knowledgeable. I just finished the 7-day Ayurvedic Spring cleanse and it was fantastic! I feel so good physically and mentally. Bonus I lost 5 lbs. This cleanse is not one that you starve yourself but one that you actually eat and you feel supported. This cleanse also detoxes all your systems in your body in a natural and healthy way!!! It’s awesome! Thank you, Christina ♥


Christina (SimpleVeda) has helped me so much since I started seeing her ~7 months ago. She is thoughtful, holistic, and knowledgeable in her teaching/coaching approach to the Ayurveda lifestyle. I am so grateful to her for her support in helping me incorporate Ayurveda into my daily routine - it continues to have a profound and positive impact on me - mentally, physically, and emotionally! Also, she is just a super awesome human and wonderful to be around!


Finding Christina was truly kismet! Originally, I was referred to Christina’s practice through a friend and ultimately fell in love with Ayurveda as traditional medicine only seemed to treat my symptoms while Ayurveda treats the whole of a person – the mind, body, and spirit. Through Christina and Ayurveda, I have made simple lifestyle changes that have drastically improved my overall health and wellbeing. To say, meeting Christina and learning about an Ayurvedic lifestyle has been a lifesaver is a complete understatement! I am so grateful to have Christina in my life, guiding me through a healthy lifestyle and helping me to make healthy choices.


I went on a weekend women's nourishing retreat hosted by Christina/SimpleVeda. It was very informative and Christina has a wealth of information when learning more about the Ayurvedic practice. She is very approachable and can serve people on any level of their journey to a more holistic way of living.


Making the decision to step away from my duties as a wife and mother for a week of total self-care was the best choice I've ever made. I was able to unplug and recharge and came home a much better person that could give my family the absolute best!


Om Away From Home offered me the opportunity to reset the basic tenets of a healthy lifestyle that we tend to ignore in our overly booked home lives. Not having to worry about the details, every meal was delicious as it was nutritious. Freeing up our time to meditate, practice yoga or just enjoy the gorgeous beach. It was a much-needed breath of fresh air that gave me a new perspective to take on the rest of the year reinvigorated. I'm so looking forward to going back.


The Tulum retreat gave me the time and support to listen to the heart and quiet the mind - Mindfulness made easy! A life changer!


I had a basic knowledge of Ayurveda before I met Christina. I had issues with indigestion and was looking for a knowledgeable person who can understand and provide the right guidance to me. After my initial consultation with Christina, I knew I had come to the right place. She is knowledgeable and was always excited to share ayurvedic knowledge. The good thing about her is that she feels the responsibility towards her clients and always wants them to be healthy and would do her best to provide the details. For me, she had bundled the package so well that without taking a pill I could see the difference. She would say, "food is medicine" and over a course of time, I could see that happening. I am listening to my body and I am thankful to her that today I am able to understand the importance of living healthy with small changes in life which I still do.


When I first came to see Christina I had just begun studying Ayurveda myself and was still inexperienced in the practices. Christina was very helpful. In the 8 months or so that I met with her, she gave me personalized changes one small step at a time. I believe this is the reason that the practices stuck and truly became "lifestyle changes" instead of fads or overwhelming goals. In those 8 months I began sleeping better, I cut out my heavy workout routine for a more sattvic routine and lost 35 pounds without "dieting". I also found an inner peace that led to more energy, a healthier relationship, marriage, and a baby, and my daily schedule became much less strenuous. My overall health improved and I feel like a new woman. I am eternally grateful to Christina for her generosity, encouragement, and love.

Zara W.

It was just about a year ago when I decided that I wanted to learn more about Ayurveda and commit myself to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle. I had been practicing yoga for 14 years and Christina was one of my teachers at the Bikram Yoga Studio in Elk Grove. I clearly remember having a casual conversation with Christina about my health and how fed up I had become with so many aspects of the western approach to medicine. I told Christina that I wanted to be healthy, to live a more balanced life, to lose weight, and eventually become pregnant and have a happy, healthy baby and that I wanted her help. Christina agreed to teach me the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and about six months ago our consultations began. I met with Christina every week to discuss the who, what, when, where, why, and how of my eating habits and gradually learned to implement the guidelines for healthy eating. As a school teacher, I am constantly under a lot of stress and, prior to practicing Ayurveda, I was sick all of the time, each month with something new. The past six months of my life have been very stressful and full of changes, but I have not felt this well since I started teaching seven years ago. I normally experience severe allergies and get every little bug that travels through the bodies of my first-grade classroom, but this year...nothing. I even lost 15 pounds! Just before I started to see Christina I had been told by a doctor that I needed to go back on birth control pills to treat my Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and that I would need to go to an infertility clinic if I ever wanted to become pregnant. That doctor couldn't have been more wrong! With the help of Ayurvedic practices and herbs, my cycle became regular and now I'm expecting my own little bundle of joy in the winter! Christina has been able to help me channel the power I have within my self to take control of my life, connect with the divinity that surrounds me, and be truly at peace with where I am, right here, right now. I am so grateful to have had Christina's help and support on this journey into divine health through Ayurveda. I couldn't have done it without her! If you are committed to your self and creating health and healing that is physical, mental, and spiritual, I wholeheartedly recommend learning more about Ayurveda with Christina!

Julie O.

The retreat in Tulum was the perfect atmosphere to escape everyday life, helping to unplug and focus on actually relaxing. The retreat’s location was steps away from the beach providing a beautiful backdrop for a once in a lifetime experience. An added benefit was having fantastic meals prepared by the staff that took into consideration our dietary concerns. Through Christina’s guiding in Tulum, I was able to make connections with old and new friends creating memories that I look back on with fondness.


I came to Christina with various physical and emotional ailments. I've always considered myself in good physical shape. I've tried to eat healthily and exercise regularly. My Bikram Yoga practice is at least 3 to 4 times a week. I had decided to go completely vegetarian and noticed my energy level was not what it used to be. I was tired often. I was also experiencing listlessness and anxiety on a regular basis. I decided to give Ayurveda a try. I consulted with Christina and met with her regularly once a week. She suggested various dietary and lifestyle changes based on my Doshic balance. She encouraged me to implement these practices slowly but steadily. The changes in me seemed slow at first, but I've always been the impatient type. My emotional mood was the slowest to change. I noticed physical improvements within two weeks. I wasn't as tired and my energy was more on an even keel. While before I tended to run around madly doing everything and then completely breakdown for a couple of days, I noticed I had constant sustained energy – I was working and relaxing on a more regular basis. My husband and children were pointing out that I didn't have those "frazzled" days anymore. As my physical changes happened, my emotional mood improved. I became more even-keeled on an emotional level as well. Before, I would have emotionally and mentally "foggy" days, where I would feel like I was just struggling to get through the day. I attributed this to PMS – but soon noticed that they were happening almost every day of the month! After my practice of Ayurveda became more consistent, I noticed I had fewer of these "foggy" days. My mind was alert and my emotions stayed more balanced – things that would normally upset me or tend to uproot my day became just blips that could be smoothed out. I feel more in charge of my life now. Consultations with Christina and the Ayurvedic knowledge has empowered me to understand when I feel "dis-ease" in my body. I know how to modify my diet and soothe myself through meditation and other techniques to come back to balance. Ayurveda to me is a practice just like Bikram Yoga. I might have great days and some bumpy days. But if I return to my practice and focus on it, I can smooth out the bumps and continue to be healthy and in charge for the rest of my life. I love Christina's style - she has been a consistent counselor, friend, and guide in my learning of Ayurveda. She empowers me to understand my own ailments and how to fix them through the practice of Ayurveda. I am very blessed to have her in my life. My knowledge of Ayurveda has continued to grow and I continue to practice it every day. I realize that I know myself inside and out more now through my regular practice. I watch my body and mind slowly change and respond to my practice and it is incredibly rewarding to have this experience!

Rekha H.

When I first started this Ayurvedic lifestyle, I was a frantic, monkey-minded person. I didn't feel safe and felt angst about everything from my workday to worldly events…and, most of the things causing me angst, I didn't even have control over…that is except to keep my mind spinning worrying about them. Along with a monkey brain, my digestion was sporadic and uncomfortable. Initially, at the beginning of this practice, I had to eat grounding, heavy foods to bring me back down to earth. That fact, at first, was a disappointment as I gained some weight, which we all know is hard to shed—even with the help of hot Bikram Yoga! I've been practicing an Ayurvedic lifestyle for almost a year now. While all my excess weight is not yet shed, I feel progress every week as evidenced in slightly looser clothes. More importantly, I feel safe, secure, grounded, and less frantic and anxious. I've gotten deeper into the practice with daily rituals for cleansing and nourishing the body as well as with meditation, positive affirmations, and quieting my mind. I've learned to garner patience and, more importantly, love for myself. I truly have come to believe that I and my body are not defective and that I am perfect because I am part of the Divine, and it is a part of me. Who knows how many more diets I would have tried, how much more sleep I would have lost, how much more uncomfortable I would have been had I kept on the course in which I was headed. While I still have some personal issues I am working on, I know that utilizing this age-old wisdom has led me towards the salvation of love for Self, compassion for others, and quiet gratitude that I have never felt in my life before this point…not to mention I get to eat ghee! GEE!


The knowledge that Christina has bestowed upon me has been great. I truly view food and how and when I eat in a completely different way. I have learned to identify an imbalance and am armed to make the choices to bring me back into balance. I have seen an increase in focus, a decrease in bloating, and more efficient digestion. A big bonus has been exposure to wonderful new food and recipes. I am excited to continue on my ayurvedic path and continue to learn more and more with every consultation!


My exposure to Ayurveda began nearly 10 years ago when I did a little cursory research and an online survey to determine 'my type.' I intuitively recognized the merit of a system which focused on the needs of the individual, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach; however, using only books, the internet and people slightly more versed in the subject as myself as guides, it was a bit overwhelming and difficult to know if I was even doing the right thing. Enter the Ayurvedic practitioner! When my friend Christina offered to take me on as a client two years ago, I jumped at the chance. Even with some knowledge of the subject, I really had no idea what I was in for, the extent of the information and practices I would learn, or how far-reaching its effects would be on my life and choices. Prior to our sessions, it was my habit to take on lifestyle and diet changes in an extreme, all-or-nothing manner, which usually proved unsustainable over time. The Ayurvedic approach is much different, and Christina not only helped me identify my true 'constitution' -- the online test proved wrong! -- but how to slowly and sustainably integrate positive changes into all areas of my life. Since I began my Ayurvedic journey, the biggest benefits I've noticed range from the physical -- better digestion, more energy and better sleep; to the mental -- calmer mind, clearer thoughts and fewer emotional swings; to the intangible -- greater awareness of the uniqueness of individuals, the interconnectedness of all things, and the effects of my choices and the forces of nature on my state of being. It is truly a comprehensive system that with the guidance of an experienced practitioner can bring balance to all areas of life. This isn't to say that everything in my life is now perfectly balanced! But I do have a solid framework from which to recognize and work on the areas that aren't.


In my time studying Ayurveda with Christina, I feel that it all boils down to one simple concept; That the cosmos is this body and this body is the cosmos. Yes, I learned about specific foods appropriate for my body type, but more importantly, I feel that I've learned to pause, to listen to my body, to bring some sanctity to my meals and environment and to be present. In yogic terms, I feel that Christina and SimpleVeda has imparted the lesson of, "pratyahara" or not living to please the senses.


I had no idea what Ayurveda was but I was ready for a radical change in my life and in my health. My massage therapist recommended I work with Christina at SimpleVeda. When I started this process I was ready to surrender to anyone and anything that could help me. Western medicine had never helped me and I would never agree to take medication for what I was certain was going to be a life-threatening chronic illness if I didn't address it immediately. I had been sick to my stomach every day of my life. I was sleeping 12 hours every night and taking 2-3 hour naps during the day. My thoughts were muddled and unclear. I was horribly depressed. I could not hike anymore- my heart and knees couldn't take it. I was at the highest weight I had ever carried. I tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watcher without success. I can be a very disciplined person but I could not get my weight under control and I could not figure out why. I even spent almost $1,000 on a gym membership at a hospital which included work with a nutritionist and I still could not get anywhere. It was a complete waste of money. I felt like an undisciplined, complaining lazy failure when it turned out that I simply needed an approach that was tailor-made for my body. And that's what I got with Ayurveda. Finally! Someone who listened to my complaints and believed me. Finally! Someone who had more than one solution to my problem. Finally! Someone who wasn't going to give up on me and judge me as 'less than' if I followed her every instruction and still came up short. After a little more than seven months I lost 35 pounds, began running and started a new job. My thinking was more clear and I had energy without being 'overly' energized. For me, Ayurveda has been a life-saver and an enigma. It has saved and challenged me. I have done it perfectly and I have done it horribly. I have had both great success and a sad failure with it. Regardless, I always learn more about my body, my needs, my life, and my Self. Ayurveda changes WITH me. Ayurveda always challenges me. And, Ayurveda always shows me that life is more than what is going on today or what I did in the past or what I hope to do in the future. Ayurveda is about peace and self-care at the moment. I look forward to seeing Christina. I always gain wisdom and encouragement from our time together. I know that she is thinking of me between our sessions and I gain comfort from that. I think from the outside I still may appear to be a hot mess (LOL!) but, on the inside, I am a completely different person. More awake. More aware. More alive.

Stephanie T.

Before I met Christina I heard a lot about Ayurveda and I knew I wanted to incorporate it in my life, I just didn't know how. That's exactly what Christina helped me with. We met every two weeks and started at the beginning, learning about the basic principles then choosing always one thing I was working on for the next time. First it was about diet or daily routine then because I was open for it became a spiritual learning also. The more I learn the more I want to know! Everything about Ayurveda just makes sense to me! Now I know the choices I have to make if I'm a little under the weather, but don't want to get sick, or what I need to do to be more focused or just feel happier. Christina is always available if I have any questions on the way. This is a life-long learning process as almost everything in life, but I think who starts it never will stop, because with the knowledge of Ayurveda everyone can create a healthier, happier and more harmonious life! I'm so grateful for Christina for her wise, continuous guidance! With her help I changed my life!


I found SimpleVeda (Christina) online after someone suggested I try Ayurveda to relieve my digestive issues. For years I struggled with severe constipation, bloating, heartburn and stomach cramps and saw 3 specialists. It was suggested that I had IBS after they weren't able to find anything concrete. As an RN, I've always been skeptical about holistic health care. I'm so glad I had reached the end of my rope and opened my mind to giving Ayurveda a try. I've been seeing Christina for 4 months and my eating habits and gradual lifestyle changes recommended by her have profoundly changed my life. My stomach issues have been greatly reduced and a delightful bonus- I dropped weight! I look forward to my weekly appointments with her because I learn something new every week. I have never felt more in control of my health. I plan to continue the Ayurvedic lifestyle because it truly works and makes so much sense. I wish I would've started this sooner!

Shawn M.

It took me back to my grandma's kitchen and I brought it back in my bag (the 2 spice Kits), and the feeling of euphoria I had while listening and watching you cook stayed with me all day!! I am thankful to you for the positive loving and spiritual environment you created in there, and I don't know what other magic was in there but if I knew I'd package it up and recreate it daily!!!


Christina, I do feel the cleanse was beneficial to me. While I felt well before the cleanse, I just felt energized and jubilant afterward. There was no hunger during the cleanse, and it is empowering to do something so beneficial for your body. During my first cleanse several months ago, I had severe headaches for two days due to my normal coffee consumption. I no longer drink coffee regularly so there were no headaches during this cleanse. I got a deep tissue massage two days after coming off the cleanse and there was no sensation of tenderness in the muscles as was often the case with previous massages.


I recently treated myself to a Shirodhara treatment with Christina. She suggested this treatment to help with me with me stress / mental tension coupled with troubled falling / staying asleep. I am very grateful for the recommendation as this was a wonderful treatment option for me in my ongoing Ayurveda treatments. The continual warm oils cascading over my forehead coupled with a short guided meditation from Christina, quickly placed me in a tranquil state of utter relaxation. So many great benefits from Shirodhara and the affects are long lasting and nourishing to mind/body/spirit. I highly recommend Christina for all things Ayurveda and especially this treatment. Make sure you treat yourself to this offering as you will not be disappointed! Wish I could give this 10 Stars!!!


I don't have words to express gratitude to Christina for teaching the benefits of Ayurveda. Her support has been invaluable during the allergy season. Ayurvedic consultations, morning routine, seasonal cleanse and food habit changes has been key during this time. Some of the benefits I have experienced are reduction of allergy symptoms, mind balance and the most important benefit: no asthma this year after several years of asthma! Thanks again Christina for what you do, please keep spreading your knowledge and Ayurveda passion around the world! Alexandra


Words can not describe the gratitude I have for meeting Christina, joining on her retreats, cleanses and having her as my practitioner. Her treatments, knowledge and care helps you back to balance and have a beautiful side effect of me feeling more content, happy and healthy! She is a light and her knowledge goes beyond this life! Seeing Christina in person is magical and is the best stress antidote by far - but after moving back to Denmark I am beyond grateful, that she also offers online consultations as well! So people all over the world can benefit of her knowledge and love for supporting others to a better life! Dallas/ Fort Worth area - you are so lucky having Christina next by! Can't wait for Christina to come to Denmark and spread her love and support to the Scandinavian people! Thank you for everything you beautiful soul! <3 Looking forward to see you soon!


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