Full Moon Women Circle | Honoring our Cycles



For centuries our lives have been ruled by the Masculine Energy, the culture of work with no rest, linear progression, action, production, explanation, rationality and control. This circle is an invitation to all the women that are feeling called to awaken their Feminine powers. Activating the Yin energy starts with connecting to our emotions, sitting with them, feeling the currents, accepting and embracing everything that we are. Full Moons provide the cosmic energy support to dive in, not only to see and accept it, but also to transform and release what no longer serves you. Whether its people, experiences, traumas, or emotions, this release makes space for the new, welcoming things that align with you. Moon Circles are containers for self-healing, where surrounded by a net of sisters you are able to find all the answers you seek within yourself.

During the Circle you will start anchoring to your Feminine Energy, working with the Womb Space, learning about the relationship between the Menstrual Cycle and the Lunar Cycle, and using breath to activate the Shakti (feminine energy) stagnant in the base of our spine. If you have ever been afraid to speak your truth, if you’ve engaged in people pleasing behavior, if you have struggles setting boundaries, or you constantly compare yourself to others, in the Circle you explore where these patterns are rooted, and it’s an opportunity to untangle them, transform them, and release them. Through different exercises you will get to experience what it is that you really want in this life, or perhaps what you need to release in order to become your highest, and most authentic self. After the Circle you can expect to feel lighter, more regulated, and clear with your life. As women, we are being called to heal in community, supported by each other, rather than seeing other women as competition. Join us for a magical night!