Full Moon Women Circle | Honoring our Cycles

Full Moon Women Circle | Honoring our Cycles

Location: SimpleVeda | 3525 Cedar Springs Rd. #101 Dallas, TX 75226
Date: Friday, May 13th
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
In this short container we will be guided by the energy of the Taurus season, the Full Moon in Scorpio and the Lunar Eclipse. A beautiful balance between earth and water, grounding and feeling, the body and the emotions. Working with the eclipse heightens the energy around us and inside of us. At the same time it makes the energy of the cosmos more abundant, and more accessible for us to gather and co-create with it.
In this moon ceremony Nicole will guide you to understand our cyclical nature as women, how does our cycle relate to the moon cycle, and how can we create synchronicities between them to amplify the energy and bring to life what we dream of and deserve. The Full Moon invites us to look into our darkest corners in order to transform our lives.
Nicole Cruz is a Puertorrican born and raised Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Women Circle Facilitator, and Intuitive Energy Guide. Her biggest passion is guiding others to heal and sharing her knowledge. In April of 2021 she moved back to Dallas for the second time and decided to start her own business, Womoon Healing, where she helps other women awaken their feminine energy and heal from the womb space.

Investment:  $45

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