New Moon Nidra Circle

Location: SimpleVeda | 3525 Cedar Springs Rd. #104 Dallas, TX 75219
Date: Sunday, May 30th
Time: 6:30pm-7:20pm

Join us for a cozy, candlelight New Moon Nidra session.

On the new moon of each month, we will offer a new moon yoga Nidra session. The new moon offers a cosmic reset, a monthly gift from the universe. We use this time to ground our energy, set intentions, and prepare for new ideas, projects, and goals.

This 50-minute session will embody the stillness and quietness when the moon is dark. Students can expect to arrive with time to grab a cup of herbal tea, and then settle into their mat with blankets and bolsters to support going inward through guided breathwork, journaling, and a restorative yoga Nidra new moon meditation. Clearing aromas such as palo santo, sage, and frankincense will fill the room as you dive deeper into your divine true nature as spirit.

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