Herbal & Abyhanga assistant
What is your favorite Ayurveda Dinacharya daily routine?

My favorite dinacharya routine has to be tongue scraping and oil pulling. I love how clean and fresh my mouth feels. It’s a great start to my day.

If there is one benefit you’ve received from living an ayurvedic lifestyle, what is it?

Slowing down and keeping it simple. At first glance, Ayurveda can seem complicated, but it truly is simple. For example, taking a moment to breathe deep and give gratitude for your food before eating it. Such a beautiful practice of slowing down, even if for a few seconds.

What is your favorite ayurvedic spice/herb?

Hands down, my favorite Ayurvedic spice is Cardamom, especially in overnight oats. At the moment, my favorite Ayurvedic herb is Neem, specifically for the hair and skin benefits.

What do you want followers to know about your role at simpleveda?

I get to not only work behind the scenes or the screen, in the clinic as Herbal Assistant, but also as Abyhanga Assistant. I love helping people along their health journey and being part of such a beautiful, woman-led space. My role at SimpleVeda has also inspired me to receive my Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor certification and to continue learning and living Ayurvedically.