A valued client who became our Apothecary guru

Denise works in the apothecary, is responsible for our inventory, plans workshops/events, educates clients, and oversees social media. She enjoys being in our healing space every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Come and see her!

Denise has a beautiful soul; she can make you laugh, she’s a wonderful mother and friend, and I am so grateful for her presence at SimpleVeda! ~ Christina

Favorite daily ayurvedic dinacharya routine: I love the rose-water-eye-wash practice! For accessibility and a gentle reminder, I display my Nasya oil, oil-pulling oil, glass eye cup, rose water spray, and tongue scraper on a cute tray next to my bathroom sink. 😉

Most significant benefit of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle: Pranayama breathing techniques.

Favorite Ayurvedic Spice/Herb: Cardamom all the way!