Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Diana is originally from Moldova, she came to US in 2005. Her kundalini journey began in October 2019 when she tried a class for the first time, and it was love at first sight. There was something in that first practice that just blew her away and , and for the first time in her life she knew that not only she found her lifetime practice , but she also felt the call to teach kundalini. It was like coming home, Diana didn’t know anything about it but she knew she wanted to learn and master it, and so she followed her heart. Diana’s journey with kundalini is life transforming and beautiful, in the process of discovering she met many wonderful and like-minded people , was able to improve her physical body and also learn a lot about herself and become a better version of herself. Kundalini yoga literally saved and changed her life, and now Diana gets to do what she loves and is looking forward to meet you and share this beautiful practice with you. Diana is using beautiful kundalini music for her class, specifically creating music list for each kriya and meditation. She also playing gong and crystal bowls using her voice during savasana time to help you deeply relax and receive the benefits from the sound.