To say that I LOVE cooking is an understatement! Bringing the wisdom of Ayurveda into my family’s life has been a joy and I am so grateful to provide this same nourishment to my clients when they are in need. I have cooked for many clients of varying levels; patients who have chronic diseases, busy professionals, vegetarian catering for group functions, group teaching classes as well as one-on-one, in home cooking lessons.

Whether you are a busy professional or embarking on a new way of living, you can extend the healing practices of Ayurveda into your own kitchen. We can help you learn the basics or refine your skills that will support your enthusiasm, connection and relationship with food.

In-home Private Parties | contact us for pricing

Let us create an evening to teach you and your friends the skills of Ayurvedic cooking! Enjoy an evening of learning and fun with your friends while having a delicious Ayurvedic meal together!

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