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Last month I had the pleasure of hosting Amadea Morningstar at SimpleVeda. We experienced a joyful weekend with like-minded practitioners in clinical discussion of foods, beverages, breath-work, marma and mantras to support our rasa dhatu.

The word rasa means sap or liquid and dhatu means tissue. The rasa dhatu is our inner sap or waters of our body and refers to our plasma, blood, lymph and interstitial fluids. If rasa is healthy you will experience strong immunity, radiant soft, smooth, clear skin and hair, loving compassion for yourself and others, deep faith and healthy stamina.

If rasa is depleted, one might experience dry skin, dry stools, dehydration, decreased or diminished tissue, fear, worry, overwhelm, anxiety and strong impulsive emotions. This can be caused from too much exercise and profuse sweating, eating leftovers, too much thinking and moving – lack of self care, too much sun exposure, too much caffeine and pungent, bitter and astringent foods.

If rasa is in excess, you might experience sluggishness, lethargy, water retention, edema, congestion, high blood pressure, repressed emotions, depression, and melancholy. This is caused by too many heavy + cold foods, alcohol, overeating, excessive tastes of salt and sugar and day sleeping.

Amadea Morningstar’s seasonal beverage cookbook: Easy Healing Drinks from the Wisdom of Ayurveda and offers many nourishing recipes to help support the rasa dhatu. With her permission, here’s one of my favorites from her book and will replenish the rasa dhatu as we move into the vata season:

Rasa Tea
Rasa Tea


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