A weekend women’s nourishing retreat

I went on a weekend women’s nourishing retreat hosted by Christina/SimpleVeda. It was very informative and Christina has a wealth of information when learning more about the Ayurvedic practice. She is very approachable and can serve people on any level of their journey to a more holistic way of living.
~ Denise

I began sleeping better and lost 35 pounds.

Christina was very helpful. In the 8 months or so that I met with her she gave me personalized changes one small step at a time. I believe this is the reason that the practices stuck and truly became “lifestyle changes” instead of fads or overwhelming goals.
~ Zara W.

Awesome Cooking Workshop

It took me back to my grandma’s kitchen and I brought it back in my bag (the 2 spice Kits), and the feeling of euphoria I had while listening and watching you cook stayed with me all day!! I am thankful to you for the positive loving and spiritual environment you created in there, and I don’t know what other magic was in there but if I knew I’d package it up and recreate it daily!!!
~ Kavita


She’s been counseling me since February and has definitely improved my life. I can see her being a friend for life.
~ Diane

Suffered with Indigestion for years

She is knowledgeable and was always exited to share the ayurvedic knowledge. The good thing about her is that she feels the responsibility towards her clients and always wants them to be healthy and would do her best to provide the details. For me she had bundled the package so well that without taking a pill I could see the difference. She would say, “food is medicine” and over a course of time I could see that happening.
~ Ram


fun, interesting, calming, full of knowledge, and joyous
~ Melissa

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