Be Green | a zero waste workshop

Be Green | a zero waste workshop

Location: SimpleVeda | 3525 Cedar Springs Rd. #104 Dallas, TX 75226
Date: Sunday, April 25th
Time: 4:00-5:30pm

Plastics are so pervasive in our modern world, it can be nearly impossible to make it through an entire day without touching or using something plastic. How much plastic do you buy, touch and throw away in a single day? How about a week? A month? What about a whole year? Every single piece of plastic ever produced is still in existence in some form and will still exist when we are long gone. While it takes planning and is no small effort, it IS possible to greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the use of disposable plastics in our lives. The decision to choose replacements made from natural, compostable materials has a positive impact on both your health and that of Mother Earth.

Join zero-waste advocate and yoga instructor, Anna Hummer as we sip on herbal tea and collective conversation. You will learn:

  • how synthetic plastics impact the human body and the surrounding environment
  • why it is beneficial to your health to avoid them
  • what to look for when searching for replacements made with natural materials.
  • You will leave feeling empowered to avoid plastics in your daily life.
  • you will receive a reusable utensil pouch to get you started on your plastic-free journey
  • you will receive an interactive PDF full of links to natural material replacements for everything from personal care products to gift wrap and everything in between.



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