Are you ready to experience radiant health through a never-ending path toward purpose, fulfillment, and joy?
simpleveda's Wellness + lifestyle approach

there is a path that's right for you.

the art of slowing down

with Christina Vargas, A.H.P | Ayurveda Health Practitioner | Yoga Therapist | Meditation Teacher
March 26th - April 23rd | Tuesday Evenings 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

A holistic Ayurvedic-centered 5-week course is for individuals who desire to slow down, reconnect and prioritize their health.

an approach that is effective. sustainable. Attainable. that respects YOUR unique desires for health + wellness

Are you ready?

If I could convince you of only one thing, it’s this: there is a unique path that’s right for you. A path that will transform your way of thinking and living that is simple and sustainable. You don’t have to race through life feeling anxious, stressed, unwell, and as if you’re running a race through time. There are tools that can help you live mindfully, that can help you to become more conscious, and authentic, that will help you to remember what is purposeful in your life.

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is this you?

about the approach + why you need this!

it's possible when we learn

the art of slowing down

Ayurveda, the science of life is a comprehensive way of living that empowers you to take your health, healing, and happiness into your own hands. Ayurveda is growing in popularity because of the simplicity and depth of its approach to self-care and self-love.

From the comfort of your home, join me for my wellness + lifestyle approach. A fun, exciting, and interactive 5-week virtual series to support you to come to understand who you are and reach a level of clarity and transformation that you’ve never imagined. This practical and inspiring journey will help you to create and preserve peace, joy, and love for yourself, mind, body, and Spirit!

convenient online format

each class will be held through zoom and will be recorded for future access. Between classes, you have access to connect with the community through an online forum where you can share, ask questions and receive insights.

personal guidance

I will guide and coach you to understand your desires, create personal goals, and support you as you weave them into your daily life.

ceu credits

yoga instructors, nurses, and other professionals may receive continuing education credits for attending this course.

5 weeks of practical application

What to Expect

Each class will offer education, insight, and opportunities to explore self-care and rituals through the Ayurvedic lens. Students will receive guidance for home self-reflection and assignments to create healing and balance in their own lives. Students will have opportunities to engage, ask questions and share assignments with the practitioner and classmates through an online student Facebook forum throughout the 5-week course.


realistic habit developments with true results that are sustainable and nourish and enrich your well-being. 


lets spend less mental energy on “what should I eat” and create true understanding on a simple nutritional plan that is unique to your needs.


simple practices that build confidence, lessen stress, that allow you to deeply connect to yourself and nurture the relationships that are important, bringing an increase of joy, peace and authenticity  


Create your authentic desires, goals, to have a meaningful and purposeful life. 


CLASS outline

March 28th - April 25th, 2023
Tuesday Evenings 7 - 9 pm
$495 (less than $100 per class)
Below is an outline week by week.
(Subject to change based on the flow of class learning)
MAR 28

The Foundations

Your journey begins here with creating a foundational understanding of Ayurveda and what health means to you. You’ll learn: Sankhya philosophy, causes of dis-ease, the 5-elemental theory, the 3 doshas, their body types, physical structure, personality traits, and signs and symptoms of imbalances. You’ll understand your doshic constitution, and current imbalances, while learning to identify ama (toxins) and agni (digestive balance).

Ayurvedic Starter Package

Unique Habits Designed for You

This class dives deep into the 3 pillars of health: FOOD, SEX, SLEEP. You’ll learn how to create and keep healthy habits. Understand why it’s hard to let go of unhealthy tendencies through the understanding of sattva, rajas, tamas so that you can eliminate what no longer serves you. You’ll learn to improve your sleep habits, have consistent energy and sex drive, learn a movement program that is best for you, and begin creating an ideal routine that makes sense for your lifestyle.

APR 11

Mental Health

This class supports our mental and spiritual wellness. You will learn how to improve your relationship with others, how to create work-life and family boundaries. Dinacharya, or daily practices and routines continued from the previous week. This class will also cover integrative immunity-boosting protocols.

APR 18

Nutrition - part one

Change how you feel by changing what, how and when you eat, the ayurvedic six tastes, qualities of food and states of our consciousness, food as medicine, cooking with and using herbs for home remedies.
Christina Vargas of SimpleVeda
APR 25

Nutrition - part two

Ayurveda nutritional week continues; seasonal eating, eating for your dosha, food combining, simplicity of meal and menu planning, closing ceremony.

Nutrition Services

Why This Course

Christina Vargas, A.H.P | Ayurveda Health Practitioner | Yoga Therapist
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The truth is, good health is vital to living a rich and meaningful life. Fortunately, our bodies let us know when we’re out of balance by giving us warning signs in the form of unpleasant symptoms. However, many of us don’t listen to those signs, leading our health down a slippery slope.

Illness doesn’t develop overnight. It often begins when we’re feeling burnt out and lack awareness and presence. Ayurveda thrives on prevention and will correct imbalances before they manifest, relocate and escalate into something worse. This journey supports you to make changes that will sustain you for a lifetime!
true testimonials


the positive effects of an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

“A Profound Impact”

Christina (SimpleVeda) has helped me so much since I started seeing her ~7 months ago. She is thoughtful, holistic, and knowledgeable in her teaching/coaching approach to the Ayurveda lifestyle. I am so grateful to her for her support in helping me incorporate Ayurveda into my daily routine – it continues to have a profound and positive impact on me – mentally, physically, and emotionally! Also, she is just a super awesome human and wonderful to be around!


Christina has a way of bringing clarity to the Ayurvedic lifestyle. She’s been counseling me since February and has definitely improved my life. I can see her being a friend for life.

"Changed my life!"

SimpleVeda and my work with Christina have changed my life!! I am healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. Although I’ve known about Ayurveda for many years, read books, sporadically adopted some of the practices, not until I worked with Christina through Simpleveda have I been able to totally embrace this philosophy of mind, body, and spiritual health.