Ayurveda Initial Health Consultation

The initial consultation is designed to evaluate your health history, your current health concerns, and where you want to be. The health and lifestyle assessment includes an Ayurvedic pulse and tongue reading and dosha or Ayurvedic Body Type evaluation. You will leave understanding your Prakruti (your healthy state at conception) and your Vikruiti (current doshic imbalances) and tissues affected by these imbalances. This evaluation may also reveal subtle emotional or mental blocks that may be hindering your personal growth. In addition, you will receive recommendations to begin your journey back to health.

A written Ayurvedic Report of Findings will be included. A healing routine will be created by the practitioner tailored to your special needs. This might include:

  • dietary recommendations
  • herbal therapy
  • lifestyle suggestions
  • cleansing techniques
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • chakra therapy
  • other vedic counseling recommendations to support your healing.

Christina will meet challenges and work to form creative solutions to enable you to meet your health goals. The Ayurvedic Health Consultation is the first step of the process towards a healthier life. It is required for any new client, to ensure the best care is given.

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Cancellation Policy

We love serving you here at SimpleVeda! We are dedicated to your health journey and put a lot of time, attention, and resources into our treatments and consultations. Please understand that we are making a commitment to reserve this time for you and we appreciate you doing the same. Due to the length of appointments, if you cancel your appointment you’re inhibiting the ability of others to take this appointment. We ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule that you do so with ample notice. Please call by 10 a.m. two (2) working days prior to your scheduled appointment. If an appointment is canceled after 10 a.m. two (2) working days prior to your scheduled appointment you will be charged 50% of the scheduled service. If appointments are canceled the same day, the full amount of the service will be charged. No refunds, returns, or exchanges.

More Services


Abhyanga + Svedhana

This two-person choreographed treatment utilizes herbal oils to deliver nourishment to the tissues, relaxation to the muscles, and calmness to the mind and nervous system. 90 Minutes. $195.

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Follow-up Wellness Visits

Follow-Up Consultation

Detailed recommendations, proper nutrition, and food habits, meal planning, lifestyle habits, exercise, and sense therapies. Marma therapy or reiki energy work may also be recommended and offered during this session. 60 Minutes | $125. 5 pack | $575.

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At Home Cooking Class

In-Home Cooking Class

A personal lesson in Ayurvedic cooking techniques in your own kitchen. Help create the menu for an individualized learning experience. 2 Hours. $185.

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