Rejuvenation + Purification


Rasayana body therapies are a significant part of the healing process in Ayurvedic medicine and originated from ancient Indian traditions. These therapies are called “rasayana” therapies and are rejuvenating, cleansing and purifying to the mind, body and spirit. They replenish the nervous system, nourish the dhatus or bodily tissues and build ojas, the immune system. In addition to being balancing and rejuvenating, these therapies are also lovingly relaxing and stress reducing. Herbalized aromas and oils are used to support individual care.

decreases stress + anxiety + fear + depression

improves insomnia + sleep disturbances

decreases chronic + acute pain

promotes self love

increases energy levels + strengthens the immune system

purifies the body and mind

Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy

By the end of this treatment, you will feel refreshed, calm, and connected. Reiki energy healing, essential oils, gemstones may be used to support the unique needs of the client. 50 Minutes. $130.

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shirodhara + svedhana

Shirodhara + Svedhana

Lie comfortably on a warm massage table and begin your journey with marma therapy, calming essential oils and guided meditation, followed by a 30 minute Shirodhara treatment, and conclude with a luxurious scalp massage to reawaken the body and mind. 45 Minutes. $135 no steam | $155 with steam.

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Traditional Ayurvedic Body Therapies

These ancient therapies are part of and not separate from your healing journey. While incorporating protocols in your daily life these therapies can offer deeper healing and often accelerate your journey. These are offered to active clients as recommended by the practitioner or counselor through initial and follow-up consultations. Recommended therapies may include:

Abhyanga | Shirodhara | Swedena | Marma Therapy | Garshana

Bliss Therapy

This exquisite treatment combines the three therapies: Abhyanga or Garshana, Shirodhara and Svedana to create a deeply relaxing, nourishing, healing experience. 120 Minutes. $285.

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Abhyanga + Svedhana

This two-person choreographed treatment utilizes herbal oils to deliver nourishment to the tissues, relaxation to the muscles, and calmness to the mind and nervous system. 90 Minutes. $195.

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