The 6 Tastes Shopper

This personal class begins in your local health food/grocery store where we teach you how to shop Ayurvedically! You’ll learn best shopping practices to save you time and money while getting the best Ayurvedic ingredients, customized for your body type. Learn the six Ayurvedic tastes and how to cook a complete meal with the essential Ayurvedic dishes that include herbs/spices, whole grains, legumes and fresh vegetables. You’ll also receive a handful of recipes to get you started at home!

Cancellation Policy

We love serving you here at SimpleVeda! We are dedicated to your health journey and put a lot of time, attention, and resources into our treatments and consultations. Please understand that we are making a commitment to reserve this time for you and we appreciate you doing the same. Due to the length of appointments, if you cancel your appointment you’re inhibiting the ability of others to take this appointment. We ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule that you do so with ample notice. Please call by 10 a.m. two (2) working days prior to your scheduled appointment. If an appointment is canceled after 10 a.m. two (2) working days prior to your scheduled appointment you will be charged 50% of the scheduled service. If appointments are canceled the same day, the full amount of the service will be charged. No refunds, returns, or exchanges.

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Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy

By the end of this treatment, you will feel refreshed, calm, and connected. Reiki energy healing, essential oils, gemstones may be used to support the unique needs of the client. 60 Minutes. $115.

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