Soaking + Sprouting

Soaking + Sprouting

sprouting jars

There is always something soaking or sprouting in our kitchen. 🌱

Ayurveda thrives on prevention and nutritional therapy supports a healthy digestive system where most all dis-ease begins. Easily digestible foods are key!

Legumes, grains, nuts and seeds defense mechanism is their outer layer. Soaking, sprouting and even dry roasting your nuts and seeds helps to break down the food and anti-nutrients and removes the phytic acid that causes digestive issues. This means your digestive system has less work to do. This can increase your absorption up to 90% and provide a pre-biotic environment!


Nuts can be soaked for 2-6 hours, while beans, grains and seeds are best soaked for 8-12 hours. Simply place them in a bowl of filtered water before you go to bed, the following morning, rinse and cook them or you this is where you begin the sprouting process. You can also begin soaking in the morning to cook later in the evening.

If you have any digestive issues, simply soak your grains and legumes overnight.


Soak in a wide-mouth mason jar covered with a cheese cloth secured with a rubber band or a sprouting lid. After soaking, strain and rinse and let the sprouts sit at room temperature for a few days, rinsing at least twice a day until you can see sprouts growing! Cook right away or store in the fridge until ready to cook. Foods will sprout faster in the warmer months and slower in the cooler seasons. You an also get the same results by soaking your grains and legumes in a bowl overnight and then straining through a fine mesh colander the following morning. Place the colander with your grains or legumes in the empty bowl to catch any residual water. Leave on your counter, rinse and strain at least once per day until you have your sprouts.

Happy Sprouting!

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